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Clean Energy Now!
Nevada has the potential to create tens of thousands of jobs through clean energy projects - but we need the right public policy.
Fix the Voting Rights Act Coverage Provision
Petition calling on Nevada's Congressional Delegation to fix the VRA coverage provision
I Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Petition asking Nevada's House Delegation to support comprehensive immigration reform.
I Support Marriage Equality in Nevada
Petition calling for marriage equality in Nevada.
It's Time for Nevada to Quit ALEC
Tell Nevada Legislators to quit ALEC
Make Big Mining Pay Its Fair Share
It's time to take mining's sweetheart deal out of the state constitution.
Stop Water Rates from Tripling AND Protect the Great Basin!
Asking the state engineer to reject the SNWA pipeline proposal
Tell Congress to designate Tule Springs as a National Monument
Tule Springs is a 23000-acre conservation area with a desert ecosystem consisting of small lakes. It's the home of the largest group of Ice Age fossils in the entire southwest. In order to preserve these fossils the National Monument designation is needed
Tell Gov. Sandoval To Support Marriage Equality
Tell Governor Sandoval to support same sex marriage.
Tell Nevada's Congressional Delegation: Protect Our Public Lands
Tell Nevada's Congressional Delegation to Protect Our Public Lands
Tell Rep. Joe Heck to co-sponsor HR 1565
Tell Rep. Joe Heck to Co-Sponsor HR 1565 to keep guns out of the hands of criminals

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